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 Beating out the blues

Andy Hickie, a local musician, singer and songwriter is the brains behind two jamming sessions for young musicians being held by Flintshire Mind on 24th and 31st March.  The sessions, for those aged 18 to 25, will give participants a chance for to literally beat out the blues with djembe drums, acoustic guitar and voice.

As well as using music as a way of expressing their creative side the young musicians will be exploring how music, and particularly percussion, can help stimulate and lift their mood. 

To join us contact Lynne Jones on 01352 974432 or email her on 

 Did you know?

Research shows that every year 1 in 4 people experience stress, anxiety, depression or another type of mental distress.  That means over 28,000 Flintshire people are likely to be affected this year alone.

If you (or one of your family or friends) are among them, Flintshire Mind is committed to helping you get back in control of your emotional health and restore your wellbeing.